Andy has been playing guitar since his father bought him one for his 14th birthday and performed the very next day! With a background in classical music Andy is self taught as a rhythm, folk guitarist, for many years being involved leading music in church and youth bands. A few years ago Andy met up with a friend, Chris, and together the two began to dabble with writing songs. Chris writes poetry and novels but is not a musician and Andy does music but no words so it seemed an ideal opportunity to collaborate.

To try to get some of their friends to listen to one of their early songs Chris suggested they said it was by someone else called, "Rob Connolly"; the pretence lasted all of ten minutes until being rumbled and thrown out! Ever since then Andy has said if they start gigging their songs it would be under the moniker of their fictional singer-songwriter! Chris introduced Andy to open mic nights and on moving to Chepstow in 2013 Andy became involved in the local music scene joining the blues and rock covers band, Twysted River, as bass player. During a lull in band rehearsals in autumn 2015, Andy decided to brush the dust off his "Rob Connolly" songs and share them with the world. Never a lead guitarist, Andy asked Mike to join on lead guitar work and "Rob Connolly" was born, starting to gig in summer 2016.


Mike Bought his first guitar soon after leaving school. Work colleagues showed him a few chords and he was hooked on guitar playing.

For a short time he played in a rock and roll band then went on to play in a duo. Several years later he wanted to play more up to date music in a full band again, which he did for a while

Mike then took some time out from performing until a friend discovered he could play guitar. For many enjoyable years Mike then played in local band Eclipse and, more recently, has been playing open mics with his wife Jill. During this time he met Andy and is now enjoying playing some original music.

He is often not as miserable as he looks. 


In early 2017, Rob Connolly started getting some longer bookings and more material was required. To this end, they asked Naomi, a fellow member of Twysted River, if she could help them out from time to time. After a few gigs together, they decided that they liked it so much, they offered Naomi the option of becoming a permanent fixture of Rob Connolly. With this extra dimension it was agreed by all that something was missing, namely some percussion, so the recruitment of Jill on cajon was the final piece of the musical jigsaw.



Chris is the final and unseen member of Rob Connolly. Chris is a Yorkshireman by birth and proud of it. Being from God's Own Country he is always right and an authority on anything important! He is a proud Leeds supporter (not always a good thing!), even having the privilege to see the famous Leeds team of the 70s and witness the whole of the Brian Clough era, or was that debacle? Chris has always had ambitions to "write" and has even in the past written screen plays as well as poetry. On meeting Andy, the potential was clearly seen and Andy has since adapted several of Chris' poems to music. 

Chris has now written two acclaimed books, the latest of which, Arrival, can be bought or downloaded from Amazon ( . If you're listening to Rob Connolly now is the time to get reading as well!